Thursday, April 23, 2015

School Stress

This semester has been crazy with school.

Managing stress, being sick, and a sinus surgery all in a mere semester is making me pull out my hair. My biggest worry at the moment is passing all my classes. Two of my classes I could possibly get a B, but to be honest, I just need to pass.

I've missed a lot of school this semester and my grades are suffering big time. I had two exams this week and studied my butt off. One of them didn't go so well, but hopefully my essay brings up my grade. I'm still waiting for a score on my other exam. But my professor in one of my anthropology classes has offered to let me make up my missed quiz and one of my missed assignments, which is going to be a life savor for me.

I can't wait for summer and a break from school. Next semester is going to be more intense so I'm trying to transfer.

For now, a well deserved break from school. Gonna play the Sims 4 until I pass out on my bed!

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