Thursday, December 11, 2014

Crabby Tattoo

I have a new respect for people who get intricate tattoos. I knew getting a tattoo would hurt, but that was a different kind of pain. It felt like someone was taking a knife and scraping it against my skin. As my usual self, tears leaked out of my eyes about half way into the session (which was 45 minutes long).

My tattoo artist, Alex, did a great job. She was really sweet and passionate. About half way through the session, my left started involuntarily moving. I guess after 7 years of her tattooing, she knew about this reflex and held my leg down.

When Tyler told me she was really light handed (he also got tattooed by her), I'm sure I would of passed out if anyone else was to tattoo me. Like Tyler's other tattoo artist who is very heavy handed compared to most people.

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