Friday, November 7, 2014

Weight Gain ≠ Fast Food Diet

It's very common knowledge that fast food is one of the main culprits of unwanted weight gain. It's cheap, quick, and easy.

My whole life, when I've told people I needed to gain weight, they've responded with, "just eat McDonalds every day!" I've also gotten, "you're so lucky, you can just eat junk food all the time."

Gaining weight does NOT mean going on fast food binges. Sure, it's one way to gain weight. But similar to a crash diet, it's not sustainable.

People are so concerned about calories that they don't realize that the type of food you put in your body is just important as well. We don't just eat healthy food to lose weight, we eat it to nourish our bodies.

In addition to this, some people envy underweight or skinny people. They feel like it's not fair that they have to restrict their intake to lose or maintain their weight while this person who is skinny and can eat whatever they want. It's important to remember that being "skinny = beautiful" is just image society has placed in our minds. What is important is your HEALTH. For people who are underweight, they realized that their health is comprised and they need to try and gain weight.

Everyone fights their own battle. Just because it's easy for one person to gain weight doesn't mean it's easy for another. Exactly how just because it's easy for one person to lose weight, doesn't mean it's easy for someone else.

Your health is your priority. Regardless if your 90 pounds or 200 pounds, if you put junk in your body, you are going to feel like crap.

You know that sick feeling you get after you had to much fast food/junk food for a couple of days? You crave a nice homemade meal. You crave an apple. I crave a lot of green tea when I've been binging on the hot Cheetos (my favorite). People who need to gain weight feel like that too. People who are underweight are not an exception to the rule.

I've done the fast food "diet" before. I would force myself to eat 3000 calories (my daily calorie goal) of junk and fast food everyday. Sure, after a month I did gain a few pounds. But I couldn't sustain eating like that. I would go to bed feeling nauseous and weak. Even though I hit my calorie mark, my body was deprived of nutrition. Similar to crash diet, the instant I stopped the fast food diet, I lost all my weight.

I've never had my doctor tell me, "just eat junk food all day." Never. They tell me to eat fruits and vegetables but add high calories dressings, such as ranch dressing or peanut butter. Add greek yogurt to my smoothies or eat nut throughout the day. Sure they encouraged to eat a candy bar and some
other high calorie junk, but that was never the main diet.

As many people know, I've needed assistance with meeting my dietary needs. I receive 1500 calories at night through my feeding tube. No doubt that the extra boost in calories has given me more energy, but the formula they give us is full of nutrition that I would normally wouldn't be eating or absorbing. As my gastrologist said, he would give everyone a g-tube if he could. Just because the nutritional value is so good for you.

So next time someone says they need to gain weight, commenting about how they should just eat more Taco Bell is probably not the appropriate answer. It'll most likely result with the person becoming irritated and giving you a half smile of annoyance.

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