Sunday, November 16, 2014

November 2014 Ipsy Glam Bag: Sparkles

Today I received my glam bag today from Ipsy! It's like Christmas every month for me.

I never look at the sneak peeks or what other people got until I get my own bag. I think knowing what you might get takes the fun out of it. I also hate seeing all the negative comments on Facebook about how they don't like the items. I think for $10, I get my money's worth! And if I don't look at the sneak peeks, I'll be overly excited with anything I get.

So the theme for this month was SPARKLES.

Which I'm not normally a sparkly person, but since the holidays are approaching quickly, sparkley seems appropriate.

I haven't tried any of the products yet, so I'll update this post as I try them all out.

First off is the ultra nourishing hand cream by be Delectable from Cake Beauty in lemon and cream. I actually don't put lotion on my hands. My hands get all sweaty and bothers me immensely. So I'm giving the hand cream to my grandma who loves hand cream! It also smells really nice; like a yummy dessert. It might make her hungry for sweets though.

(**empty space for future review**)

The second item is the Gem Eye Pencil by Starlooks in olive. I'm happy they sent me an eyeliner other than black or brown. I wasn't sure how the olive was going to look on me, but when I swabbed it on my wrist, it had sparkles in it! Now I love it just for the sparkles.

**edit: 11/16**


So I wore this eyeliner to my boyfriend's banquet and I really loved it! I was able to use it on my lower lash line and it didn't look harsh like most blacks and browns do. It was also sparkly, so it added a nice glamours touch. It went on smoothly and lasted all night long. I would seriously think about buying this product again if I ever ran out.

The third item is…lip paint? The lip paint is Wonder Lip Paint by J. Cat Beauty in mad splatter. I'm not quite sure what lip paint is. I'm assuming a mixture between lip stick and lip stain? The color seemed a little dark, but when I swabbed it on my wrist, it had a nice cherry tint to it. I'm excited to try it!

**edit: 11/16**


So I wore this lip paint a couple times this week. From what I can tell, its a lip stain. It goes on pretty lightly, so I was a little worried it wouldnt stay on well. But it actually stay on a pretty good amount! After some drinks and eating, it was still on a good amount. But definitely would have to reapply after a long period of time. I also thought the color would be too dark, but it was actually a nice in-between color of red and cherry.

The fourth item is S/B Highlighter by TEMPTU! I'm kind of excited for this product. I've always wanted to try wearing highlighter…but didn't want to invest the money in it. It seemed like a nice balance of shimmer, so I'm excited to try it out.

**edit: 11/16**


So I tried this highlighter a couple of times and I didn't really see any major difference. The highlighter is very subtle, which I like. But it's almost to subtle. I enjoy trying it out, but I probably wouldn't buy it again.

The fifth product (and the one I'm most excited for) is the Seal Salt Solutions Instant Glow Powder Exfoliant by clariSEA. On the directions it says to mix it with your cleanser or water and then exfoliate! I'm a sucker for skin products. This one is all natural, so hopefully this won't make my skin turn bright red like most American products.

(**empty space for future review**)

And….here is the bag for this month! I'm not too big of a fan on the bag this month, but it's on the inside what counts! And I always find uses for all the bags.

Rating: 3/5

I just dislike the color.

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