Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

Happy Thanksgiving! One of my favorite holidays of the year because of all the yummy food! I'm glad my stomach let me consume enough food that I could enjoy myself. I felt like a stuffed turkey afterwards though.

Since my nuclear family and I live in sunny southern California (it was 90's on Thanksgiving) and the rest of my family lives in (mostly) Maryland (some in Alaska and New Jersey), we normally have Thanksgiving with family friends.

My family and I normally split in the afternoon and meet up back in the evening. So Tyler and I ate lunch with his family then transited over to my family friend's for dinner. Our friend Reggie host Thanksgiving every year and it's always a blast. It consist mostly of musicians that are away from home and join him for Thanksgivings. So it ends up being a whole table of people that aren't related to each other or people you've never met before. I think that's really cool, it really shows you don't need to be blood related to be family.

After two huge, yummy meals, Tyler went out to the Irvine Spectrum to go black friday shopping. We went early to beat the rush, but it seemed like a lot the stores opened earlier than they posted. So I got to go to my SkinFood store rush free. I got a lot of christmas gifts for really cheap, so I'm pretty happy.

We ended the night with walking around target at 1:30 in the morning. The one near where Tyler lives was hardly busy. I got my first Christmas sweater that I'm pretty excited to wear. It's still pretty warm today, or I would've worn it today.

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