Friday, November 28, 2014

First mic-key change

So a somewhat long story short, when I had my mic-key placed, it was cm to long. My size was back ordered, so they have me a slightly longer one then told me come to clinic when I received the correct size. 

So a week after the placement, I headed over to the clinic for the quick change. Me being the nervous person I am, brought my boyfriend with me. 

I had a GI doctor come in and lay me down. She took out the water and popped it out. 

Honestly I wasn't expecting any form of pain or expecting to feel anything. I didn't hurt tremendously, but the pressure hurt enough to shed some tears. It was also most likely because my stoma was still healing, which is was slightly more painful for me (go figure). I had a decent amount of gastric fluid come out, probably because I ate right before. It was very warm sensation that came out. Tyler grabbed some paper towels to clean side of my stomach while the doctor but the other mic-key in. 

And that was it. My stomach was rather sore for the rest of the night, but other than that it was fine. I still have some minor drainage after I eat, but I just clean the site right afterwards. 

Over all, the g-tube has been doing it's job very well. I've gained 10 pounds in the last 2 months. They said my weight gain might slow down since my body might have been taking the calories more graciously since I was so underweight. But everyone is very happy with weight gain. 

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