Friday, March 28, 2014

Disney Sea!

After two trains and a long bus ride, we finally made it to Disney Sea. Sadly, it was crazy crowded. The lines to all the rides were at least 90 minutes long and all the fast passes were sold out. Yuka, Naoto, and I really couldn't stand in that long of lines, so we decided we might come back a different day to ride the rides. 

We did manage to go on two rides though. One was a The Little Mermaid theme children's ride. You got to ride in Sebastian's shell and went in a semi fast circle. The second ride we got a fast past for Journey to the Center of the Earth. The technical elements of the ride were pretty cool. 

Then we saw the show called some Mystics (it was in the Hangar Stage). It was all acrobats and I thought it was pretty cool. 

I also did some shopping! They had a lot of cute things. I would of probably bought more, but the amount of people was very overwhelming for me, but I did get a few things. 

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