Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Little spider man

I've been indoor rock climbing for about a month now. I go in a least twice a week for about 90 minutes. Wednesdays are required for class and I go on Fridays for student day with Sarah.

I've also been bringing whoever is remotely interested to the gym so they can try it out. Since I've been certified to belay, I can let anyone climb any wall. (It's kind of funny because I have to sit on the ground when I release someone because I'm so light).

Today I brought my little brother, Sean, to the gym. I honestly thought he was going to be a little bit scared. Just a little bit. But no, he wasn't sacred at all. I connected him to the auto-belayer and he climbed right to the top and retracted right back down. And he was the say way when I belayed him.

It was cute because I taught him the verbal cues for climbing. So he would say, "on belay," " tension," and "lower."

I was pretty tired after 90 minutes, but Sean was full of energy. My ten year old brother is defiantly in better shape than me.

Please don't mind that all the pictures are on the same wall.

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