Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Daily feats: rock climbing

My arms feel swollen, the finger joints are stiff, the skin on my hands is rough, and the tip of fingers

Good day of rock climbing! We learned about traversing today. I knew it was hard...but it was REALLY hard. I got a few steps and fell off. But I learned how to get across the a tough area of a wall section with the help of one of my instructors. So I'm pretty proud of myself. Also went up a couple of 5.10 climbs, so I'm even more proud of myself.

That being said, I think I slightly pulled my arm muscle. At least strained it a little bit.

I told one of my instructors about my g-tube being placed and worried that the harness was going to be in the way while it healed. Apparently they lots of different harnesses, including a body one. I'll look a little funny, but better than my button being wacked everywhere.

The instructor I told, he is really kind. I never directly told him about my CF. But I think he has figured out between my coughing, arthritis, future g-tube, CF shirts, and now glucose checking, that I have some medical condition. He always asks how I'm feeling when I give back my gear. He is also has a really really cute dog that I almost died over when I saw it.

I felt really happy on the way home. I even sung in the car. Maybe it was the endorphins, but it was nice feeling so up-beat.

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