Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wondering in Fujisawa

So today I went to the Fujisawa station all by myself. It's impossible to miss because you have to get off there since it's  the last stop. 

I was pretty overwhelmed walking around by myself. I'm used to having friends guide me and them talking to people for me. It's also not nearly as fun because Yuka and Nao know where everything is. 

I thought I would start in the department store first. The thing about department stores is that they are pretty high end and customer service is terrific. They come up to me smiling and speaking Japanese and I have to politely say, I'm sorry, I only speak a little Japanese. The stores clerks also speak very quickly and it's difficult to understand.

So I decided to wonder in a different direction after quickly going through the levels of the department store. And by wonder, I mean I followed the similar direction that I went previously with Yuka and Naoto. I did stop by the discount department store. I remember seeing a clothing store, so I wanted to stop by. I'm glad I did because they had really cute clothing for a really good price. I got three shirts and tights for about 4,000 円 ($40).

After that, I walked into a shoe store. Shoes are really expensive in Japan (about $120 in the department store) and they sold they here for about $22 dollars. They only problem was that I have slightly big feet for Japan! My size 7 1/2 is a size large in shoes. So it was harder to find shoes. I did find some cute ones, but I decided to wait on getting them.

When I got back home, Naoto said they were just talking about me. They were wondering when I was going to get home. Yuka said that I would come home when I got hungry. She was right on the dot! I had a delicious bento waiting for me upstairs.

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