Saturday, March 22, 2014


Actually, I have been in Japan for a week. Sorry for the lack in the posts! It's been a mixture of jet-lag, being busy, and just plain laziness.

So no one gets confused about what I am talking about, I'm going to talk about transportation in Japan.

In Japan, 90% of people get places by public transit, biking, or walking. I'm living RIGHT next to the Enoshima train. This is not a big, old fashion train. It's similar to one you would take in California to get to LA, but a lot prettier. You see the train right outside the window when it passes by every 6 minutes. It shakes the house a little bit, but I think it adds to the house. The station is about 5 minutes away walking difference. So we take this train everywhere.

So I'm going to summarize the first week about the most exciting things I did, even though all of it is exciting.

We went to the Fujisawa Station/ Shopping District. It's like a mini city where you can go grocery shopping, buy some clothes, eat some ramen, and pretty much do anything. We go here quite often because we get most of our groceries in this area. The first time I went their, we went to a ramen place and ordered our food through a machine. Naoto and I went back there a couple of times this week to run errands.

Yuka and I originally went to Kamakura to visit one of the famous shrine, which was about a 15-20 minute train ride. Well when we got off the station, I saw that there was a Studio Ghibli store!! How amazing is that! I literally squealed for 30 minutes as a looked at all the things. I'm defiantly going back before I leave. We also walked around a smaller shopping area where I picked up a few gifts and saw some interesting stores. The shrine was big and beautiful. The cherry blossoms were not yet in bloom, so we are going to go back when they are. About every shrine has lines of Ema on a board, which are wishing tablets. After visiting the shrine, we went grocery shopping and had some tea.

Yuka and I also went to the Enoshima island. It's is this tiny island that is mainly for tourist (both Japanese and foreigners). We also visited a popular shrine and walked around. I got a cute "window charm" that has cats on it. I also ate some shellfish on a stick which was really good. I'll probably go back to just get that!

Yesterday I experienced transferring trains/ subways in the city of Tokyo. It was very fast pace, so Naoto just ended up directing me with my shoulders which way to go because I was in shock and we had to keep moving. It took three trains, which took over an hour, to get to Anime Japan. Anime Japan is basically where companies can show off their productions and find new people to work for them. Naoto had a lot of fun because he secretly loves animation deep in his heart. We got a lot of freebies as well. Since I don't watch anime anymore, I had no idea what anything was. But I took pictures for my friend Chelsea and Lynette.

Since we were somewhat in the area, we went to the Pokemon Center. It seemed a lot closer on the map because it took close to 25 minutes to get there. We had to a pit stop because Naoto got really hungry and was getting low blood sugar.

I wanted to take pictures of the Pokemon Center because it was amazing, but it was crowded and everything was mess that pictures would of been terrible. I did though, buy a lot of things! Three plushies, some buttons, a cup, and other small things (I can't post a pictures because some of the items are gifts). All of that only for 6,300 円 (about $63). It would of been a fortune of I bought these things back home. Whats even more special is that most of the items could only be sold in Japan, so they are truly unique.

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