Thursday, December 19, 2013

Vest Update!

So for not blogging very often....I've been feeling a little on the lazy side.

Well when I was last hospitalized (which I believe was in October), my RT Tom told me my adult small vest was WAY WAY too big. I said I had a smaller one at home (child's large), but I forgot to switch it out until now..

Anyways, I have it on now and it's so much tighter. The low frequencies are actually giving me minor side stitches. Hopefully with this smaller vest will help me cough more stuff out.

I actually found a picture with me with my larger vest and took one with my smaller vest. It actually looks completely different. (Don't mind my face in one of the pictures)

The adult small is on the left and the children's large is on the right. I look like a giant blue marshmallow on the left!

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