Sunday, December 22, 2013

Making Christmas Gifts!

Today involved finishing up my Christmas gifts. I'm going on a mass delivery tomorrow, so they all needed to be done.

With my little gifts, I made some chocolate covered pretzels. Yummy! I picked up some green and red candy melts from Joann's. It took about two hours to finish the pretzels, but they were well worth it. I made a few for myself, but I ended up eating them all ready.

My body is getting really anxiety ridden from being in the house the last few days. I've been trying to finish everyones gift, so I have rarely left the house.

I've been coughing up a storm the whole day. It feels like I have millions of tickles in my lungs. I ran a lot yesterday, so I hope my coughing is from the extra running and not me becoming sick.

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