Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Time!

The Christmas of 2013 was a blast! After so many late nights of crocheting and trying to finish up Christmas gifts, I finally got to enjoy Christmas Day.

My little brother, Sean, woke me up a little before 7. I was exhausted since I didn't go to bed until 2am because of my coughing fits. I kept telling him 5 more minutes, so Sean made a smart move. He told me dad already was downstairs waiting for me. So I managed my way out of bed to find my dad still in his bed! 

We all opened our gifts and there was wrapping paper everywhere! I received some indoor soccer cleats from my father and sweatpants, PJ bottoms, a scarf, and a skin car set from Santa. 

My family from the east coast sent me gift cards (which is always appreciated) and Yuka and Naoto sent me this awesome Japanese cookbook! I read through the recipes and they were simple to make and looked delicious. I always loved Japanese food since it is lighter and easier on my stomach. I'm glad I get to practice my cooking skills again! They also sent me the most adorable Christmas card. It was two geisha's walking around in Kyoto (I believe) with little mini santa's running around. I almost liked the card more than the cook book. 

I started getting ready to head over to Tyler's house as my dad was cooking me some scrambled eggs. The only issue with Christmas day was that I felt a cold coming on. So my nose was stuffed up and I had a headache, but it was nothing some ibuprofen couldn't help.

videoGrandma Sandy stopped by before I left to give Sean and I our gifts. She gave me a cute PJ set with a scarf and beret she crocheted. The scarf and beret looked so professional, you would of though she bought it!

I soon was at Tyler's house, and he wore a nice shirt for once. Something other than his band shirts he always wears. I couldn't convince him to shave his mustache though. We stopped by to pick up some boba for my scratchy throat and a little snack to hold Tyler over. He gets really grumpy when he doesn't eat, so I made sure he ate before we started driving over to his Aunt's house.

His Aunt Marilyn was hosting a Christmas party at her home with lots of filipino food! Sadly, my cold started to kick in more, so I started to feel like an lifeless zombie. I did drink about 4 cups of tea though.

After a few hours at Aunt Marilyn's home, we headed over to my family friends house for dinner and a music jam session. After eating a lot cheese crackers, and apple cider, I started to feel a little better. I talked to all of our friends and ate a delicious dinner. 

Soon everyone was upstairs for the jam session. Tyler was playing the drums and our friends Koko and Reggie were playing the bass and guitar. I joined in for the chorus half way through the session. I just made sure I wasn't near the microphone. 

Tyler and I were going to head out after the jam session, but we were captivated by the 3D printer. We got to see tea lights being made and we got to take home some gears that were made as well. 

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