Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cat Emergency

I woke up really early this morning to get some water because I was thirsty. My cat ran down with me wanting to be fed. I just thought he could wait until his normal feeding time.

I went back into my bed then 5 minutes later and I heard Whiskers crying. I called his name since he normally just wants attention. Then I heard this horrific meowing sound, so I jumped out of bed and my cat was laying on the floor with raspy breathing. I thought maybe it was a hairball so I pet him for a minute but he was really unresponsive. So I picked him up and brought him downstairs to his food bowl.

I started to become really worried because he didn't squirm around like he normally does when I pick up. He just laid in my arms. When I put him down, he walked straight to the corner wall of the bathroom and laid there. He still had raspy breathing and purring and was unresponsive to my petting. He was really lethargic and he could barely move, so I began to cry thinking there was something wrong.

I thought maybe he was choking on something so I tried patting his lower neck to help dislodge whatever was in his throat. Then I gave him the heimlich maneuver to try and help dislodge whatever was stuck again. He just blew out intense raspy breathing sounds. I started to cry more because he looked so weak, so I decided I was going to take him to the 24/7 Pet Emergency room. When my dad was cleaning his carrier, I decided to give him some food to see if that would make him feel better.

He gobbled up his food. His tail perked up and his raspy breathing started to go away. He went to the living room and I played with him with one of his toys to make sure he was feeling better completely.

So I didn't take him to the ER today, but his getting a visit from the vet Tuesday to check him out.

I'm still not sure what happened, but I'm glad my cat is feeling better.

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  1. That sounds terrifying, I would have no idea what to do for an animal. They can't tell what is wrong, so that had to be pretty scary. Hope its nothing serious and just that he was hungry and decided to make a scene. Your fellow cf blogger, Cheriz (