Saturday, November 9, 2013

Shopping Anxiety

My cute boyfriend on the Tea Cups earlier this week
So this week I've been pretty busy with work! Well for me 12 hours of work is busy for me. I picked up a shift yesterday from 4am-8:30am. Yes, you read that correctly! 4 in the morning! If you've never worked retail, you might be thinking, why on earth would you need to be at a store so early?

Stores are generally stocked in the very early morning. Since we had a huge shipment in, they asked if I could come in. I wanted some extra hours, so I didn't mind. Even though 3 hours into my shift I looked like a zombie. My mangers kept offering for me to go home, but I wanted to finish the job.

When I got home, I feel asleep on my floor. I didn't even make it to my bed. So after my 2 hour nap, I went over to Tyler's house to spend the day with him.

A non relevant picture of my cute cat 
I treated him to lunch at Sweetie Thai, since he always pays for me. We picked up a family member with her 4 month old baby (who was really cute even though he was crying), and went to the mall afterwards.

I've always had issues buying things for myself. More specificity clothes or other items that I don't particularly need. I become very overwhelmed and anxiety ridden and normally just leave the mall. Well, I told myself I had to buy one item for myself. So I looked in a couple of shoe stores and while I was browsing the shoes, I became very anxious. Out of frustration, I just left the store. I returned 2 minutes later and finally asked to try on a pair of shoes. I didn't really like the shoes, so I didn't end up buying them.

I thought maybe I would buy some clothes. The frustrating thing about clothes shopping is that I generally don't like the clothing that are in style. So finding items of clothings that I would actually wear is already difficult. Also, clothing doesn't generally fit me. I'm not over exaggerating. I'm too small for the standard small. And an extra small is just too small. As I wrote in a previous post (here), I normally wear my shirts and sweaters on the baggier side.

Well, I either got smaller (which is a reasonable possibility) or clothes got bigger (which is also another reasonable possibility). So stores were I liked the clothes they sold, they were too big. And stores that sold my size, I didn't like the style they sold. So I become very frustrated.

I had a backup plan though. I knew I wanted to get some lipstick from Sephora, so I went in the store I picked up the item I wanted and bought it. Mission accomplished!

Tyler and I then had dinner at a awesome ramen place called Umaya Ramen. Because a language nerd, Uma  (馬) means horse in Japanese. And Umaya (馬や) means horse stable. Because "ya (や)" is placed behind words for generally stores and shops. Also the kanji was slightly off for the kanji for horse, so it's probably a last name.

Back to the Ramen. It was delicious! I will be coming back again! Also the customer service was super friendly. When they messed up on my order, before I even tasted it they said they accidentally gave me spicy miso instead of normal, and asked if I would like a new bowl. I like spicy miso, so I didn't mind and said it was okay. But 10 minutes, they came over with a normal miso to-go and said it was on the house. This places receives a 5 stars from me!

When we got back to Tyler's house, I crashed on his bed and drooled all over his pillow until 2 hours later he woke me up so I could go home.

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