Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Running: Day 1

How I felt after my run
Since my arthritis has been being handled with some new medication, I have decided to start running again! While my knee's still hurt somewhat, it is significantly better now.

I used to run varsity cross country in high school I would run a 19:30 for 3 mile. In track, I would run a mile in 5:40. I hated track though, so I only did it for one year.

As I got more sick, my lung function went down, and running became difficult. I felt ashamed and embarrassed that I couldn't run well anymore. I also needed a break because my body was over worked. So my senior year, I quit cross country and got a part time job instead. I don't regret this decision because at that time in my life, I was completely done with running. I remember on the first day of my senior year walking to my car and seeing everyone running on the track and knowing I made the right decision. I did not want to be there.

There were also other contributing factors why I quit the team. Most of my friends had either graduated or quit the team. My varsity coach, who I adored, was fired. They also changed how they ran there practices. Call me stubborn, but I thought our team was fine how it was.

Anyways, getting back into running after not running for 3 years is tough. I still have better endurance than most people, but my lungs cant keep up with it. So I'm going to take baby steps through this process. Every time I run, I tell myself I'm doing a fabulous job.

My goal is to run the 5k Great Strides walk in May of 2014. I downloaded an app that gives me workout regimens to follow since now I don't have a coach to tell me my workout.

Today I went for a light jog and walk (yes, you can run with a PICC line in!). I would run a quarter of a mile, then walk a quarter of a mile. I ran/walk for just over a mile. I think that is pretty good for a start.

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