Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pulling the PICC Line.

Sorry I haven't been updating often x.x life has been busy and I've been to exhausted to blog. I'm actually exhausted right now, but since I do not have work or school tomorrow, I might as well stay up.

So my line was FINALLY pulled Friday. It was supposed to be pulled Thursday, but the doctors forgot to send the order to Haven Health. I don't know why my doctors haven't been on top of things lately.

Well when the nurse was taking off my dressing (well what was left of it), and I asked her to tell me when she was going to pull it. Her response, oh, well I'm pulling it out now. WHAT!!

It was all okay. It was pulled out and then....I felt really light headed. I started yelling at Tyler to get juice. Everything was going black and a loud ringing in my ears emerged. I could barely hear anyone talking to me. I was laying my head on my poor nurse as she held pressure were she pulled out  the line. She helped me lay down and asked Tyler to pull up a chair so I could put my feet on it.

I was really clammy and white as a sheet. A kept taking deep breathes to make sure I was getting enough oxygen so I didn't pass out on my floor. Soon the blackness faded away and within 5 minutes the ringing in my ears stopped.

My nurses Theory is since I hadn't flushed my line in a couple of days, pressure built up in the picc line. So when she pulled the line, it released a gush of pressure making me go on the verge of passing out. I was okay after, just really weak.

So after some food and a mini nap, I felt much better. I also had to go to work, so after my nap I headed off to work!

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