Sunday, November 24, 2013

Movie Day: Double Feature

So today I woke up nice and early to go to the movies with my friends Lynette and Chelsea! Lynette wanted to arrive super early to find good seats. I guess she didn't realize that no one comes to movies at 9am on a Sunday.

The first movie we watched was Hunger Games: Catching Fire. It was so good, but really depressing. We were all crying throughout the movie. I was trying to hold back my tears during the beginning and towards the middle of the movie, Lynette was bawling. We heard her sniffling through the movie.

Chelsea and I both agreed that was one of the most depressing movies we've ever saw. There were no happy moments. Of course Lynette, who was crying the most, said it wasn't that bad. I think she is just in denial.

We stopped by In-N-Out for our lunch. Well, Lynette got a cheese burger and fries while I just got a drink. My appetite has disappeared since I haven't been taking my Erythromycin (it empties my stomach). So I need to go fill up the pill box so I cant eat normally again.

After our lunch, we went to see Ender Games. The movie was quite terrible. I was falling asleep half way through it. It jumped around a lot and didn't really have any exciting moments except for the ending. Also, apparently it was nothing like the book (which got Lynette really mad).

Now it is nap time and homework time x.x

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