Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Japan Time!

This actually isn't super recent news, I found this out a few days ago but it just hit me now.

My friends, Yuka and Naoto, went back to live in Japan for a year or so because of a working opportunity and offered me to visit them. I'm sooooo excited that I've been twirling around in circles. On top of visiting Japan, I get to spend time Yuka and Naoto! They are some of the nicest people I've met!

My dad is being beyond generous and paying for flight to go there. :') He offered to give me spending money as well, but I'm hoping that my seasonal job keeps me as a normal employee so I can save money from that job.

I'm a little rusty (okay, pretty rusty) on my Japanese since I haven't been using it the last 6 months. So I have to bring back those textbooks and brush up my Japanese skills.

Also, instead of taking a normal semester (16 weeks) for spring, I'm going to try and take half semester classes (8 weeks), so I can visit in the spring (rather than summer when the weather is sort of bad).

Only bad part of the half semester classes is that the subjects they offer aren't exactly were my interests are. But there is nothing wrong with learning completely new things. They are also early morning classes x.x but we must make sacrifices. I'm just happy they offer classes the help me complete my GE requirements.

I also might take a winter course. Because I'm getting really over this GE stuff and just want to transfer and take classes for my major.

This is the inspiration and push I need right now! I've been dragging my feet for a little bit because it seems I've been standing (or very slowly moving) in the same spot in my life.

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