Friday, November 22, 2013

Insurance Needs to be Shot

I just broke down crying because when I called back CareMark for my Creon, they said the copay was $550 for a month supply. The lady said she called our insurance and since Creon isn't "specialty" we don't have a $200 cap off.

I broke down crying because just 2 months ago, I called my insurance and filed a claim to have my Creon have a cap off. Their version of "STAT" was taking 6 weeks to have my medication finally shipped to me after of not having any for a month. After rationing, I had to have my clinic give me boxes of samples because I had none left.

It's immensely frustrating because our claim that was supposedly went through, never did. So now I have a small bottle left of Creon left and probably none in the meanwhile until my insurance becomes reasonable.

I left this work to my father because I'm mentally exhausted with my insurance. It would be highly likely that I would scream at them and break down crying.

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