Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

So I had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thanks to my hungry pills, I was actually hungry for some food! I just made sure not to eat too much before so I didn't spoil my appetite.

I went to Tyler's aunts Thanksgiving. It was a small group, which I liked much better than bigger groups. I talked to his family and kind of helped with dinner! I stirred the gravy and stuffing!

The food was really tasty, I wish I could of fit more in my tummy! Everyone seemed very excited that I was going to Japan. They were in awe that I could speak Japanese, even though I kept telling them it was only conversationally.

We played Jenga after we were done eating. It was a pretty intense game because we got it to be 33 rows high! Of course I was the one to break it through. Tyler said he was surprised that I lasted that long. I am too because I couldn't stop laughing while trying to taking the block out.


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