Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Chelsea!

Happy birthday to one my best friends, Chelsea! She is turning 20 today! Woooooo!

I met Chelsea my freshman year of high school (her sophomore year) in our art class. I was a very loud, hyper freshman and she was a very quiet sophomore. We didn't become friends, I sort of forced it on her. We sat next to each other, so I started talking to her everyday and asking for help since I thought she had fabulous art skills. She most of the time didn't say anything, but she finally started to open up and joined my conversations with her.

I talked to her for about 3 months without even asking her name. When I finally asked, on the third month, she thought it would be amusing if she didn't tell me her name. So I went around asking every classmate if they knew what her name was. I finally got the answer, Chelsea.

Even though I knew her name, that didn't mean I could spell it. I offered to put her name on her cubby and ended up butchering the spelling of her name. C-H-E-A-S-L-E.

This is how we became friends.

We actually found out we had a mutual friend in common, Lynette. Which is a whole post itself, but all of us instantly became best friends.

Chelsea and I would walk miles to get the pancakes I wanted after school and she would listen to my nonsense stories I would tell. She would always laugh and smile at my oddness and never get bored of me.

Since Chelsea was into art, I was came to her for guidance. How should I draw this? How do I mix this paint? Does this even look like a tree to you?

One of my favorite stories is when I took her to get noodles and there ended up being piles of squid inside of it. Since she hates seafood, I helped her fish out the squid. We thought it was hilarious that so much squid could be placed in a single bowl of noodles.

We share many other stories, but it would be pages long. She is one of the most loving people I know and has a huge heart. She has been through a rough patch the last few years and I was pray that it will get better for her.

Chelsea, you hold a special place in my heart forever. I hope you, Lynette, and I all grow old together taking cue pictures.

Happy 20th birthday.

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