Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween Madness

Sorry for the late post (again). The internet has been off for the last couple of days, but it is now fixed!

So last Thursday was Halloween! I was always raised up as Halloween being cute, fun, and full of candy. So even at 19, I like to watch cute Halloween movies, carve a pumpkin, and drink hot coco. Tyler is a different story.

He sees Halloween as a scary event and an opportunity to scare people. He hasn't even carved a pumpkin in ten years! So you can see how there might be a problem on how we celebrate Halloween together.

The original plan was to go buy a pumpkin to carve and watch The Nightmare before Christmas. Yes, this was the original plan. Tyler and I drove to our church to pick out a giant pumpkin. Since it was the evening of Halloween, we got our giant pumpkin for $12 rather than $25. We also got some free mini pumpkins! I forgot the carving supplies at home, but I wasn't able to find them at the house. Target and Ralph's were sold out of their carving supplies, but luckily CVS had two carving kits left!

After finding the carving kit, we went to Island Grill to grab dinner. While eating dinner, Tyler was trying to persuade me to go to Knott's Scary Farm. I hate being scared with passion. I also cry really easily over moderately scary things. But since Tyler has been wanting me to go with him for the last 2 1/2 years, I decided that I would attempt to brave it out.

So we went home to carve my pumpkin. Since Tyler hasn't carved a pumpkin in a decade, he forgot how the insides of the pumpkin felt. It was pretty amusing to watch him scoop out the guts of the pumpkin. I ended up carving the pumpkin and Tyler would watch for a little bit, leave, then come back to watch. Soon my Patrick pumpkin was complete!

After my pumpkin was finished, we drove to my death (well, that's how I felt anyways). I used Tyler's arm as a shield from all the scary monsters. Walking through the park wasn't so bad. As long as I didn't act scared (which was quite difficult at first), most the monsters left me alone. And some of the monsters were pretty funny. Tyler, again, somehow convinced me to go into some mazes. The first one was scary and I hated it. The second was scary and I hated that one also. The third one was a little more scary. The fourth was so immensely disturbing, creepy, and glory that half way through the maze I started to hyperventilating (mind you I was also looking down and was only seeing things from my peripheral vision). I knew if I started to cry in the maze, the monsters would go after me more. So I walked through with a faceless expression. Once we exited the maze, I broke down crying. Not just my ears watering up, but tears streaming down my face. Tyler hugged me and fed me a pretzel and we didn't go on anymore mazes. We just went on a few rides (like the awesome Coaster Rider!) and went home after that.

The overal experience was fun (ish). Would I go on my free time? No. I actually wouldn't go with anyone else but Tyler just because I can hide around his arm which is a shield for me. And no mazes. No more mazes.

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