Monday, November 18, 2013

Disney Day

So against any good logic of mine, I went to Disneyland today.

I've been exhausted from work lately, so I woke up around 8:30am today (which is sleeping in for me), ate breakfast, did treatments, then went back to sleep till 1:30pm.

Instead of doing anything responsible, oh like practicing for my piano exam tomorrow, I went to Disneyland to watch the new World of Color show.

I went mostly for Tyler, since he wanted me to see it so badly. It was pretty cool, but we didn't have a good viewing of it though. So next time we are going to get fast passes for the show so I can re watch it.

When we were getting on tram to go back to the car, we sat next to this nice asian family with a cute baby. Along with this baby was obviously the baby stroller. We are fit in a little snug, but we did fit.

Then this lady comes by with a stroller and asks if she can sit with us. We were all ready pretty snug, but I tried to scoot over but there was no possible way a stroller was going to fit. We could barely fit one more person without a stroller. We apologized and said there wasn't room for another stroller and a person. Then lady glares at us and walks away and very loudly says, well these rude people in the front wouldn't move over for me when there was obviously room. Um, excuse me?

She ended up making room for her and her stroller 3 rows down. Then very loudly starts talking to her friend, those d****bags wouldn't make room for me. I was a little shocked. We were in a children's theme park and this lady cursed loud enough for me to hear her 3 rows down and over a tram driving. Her and her friend continued to glare at us the whole ride back to the cars.

Luckily the family who sat with us was very nice; we talked about disney pins :)

After Disney, we went to Cha2O to grab some late night dinner. Tyler paid for me since I was super short on money (I only have $3 in my bank account currently). What a sweet boyfriend he is!

Now we are both exhausted. I have school bright and early tomorrow and he has work.


  1. I hear there's a "Disneyland Anonymous" starting up somewhere in OC. ;-)

  2. Some people are so miserable in life it spills out and onto innocent people who are anywhere close by. Sorry you experienced that negativity.