Saturday, November 16, 2013

Craft Day with Lynette!

 I'm spreading the joy of crafts!

It actually started out as a Thai Tea run. I was off of work and I was craving something sweet after I ate a delicious meat pie. Lynette said she was free the whole day, so we got some drinks at Snow Monster!

The thai tea is HUGE. We got the drinks for inside the restaurant, so I drank a good amount of tea. I still had a lot left over so I asked for a to go cup. It filled the to go cup that it normally comes in! They give you so much thai tea when you actually drink at the sweet shop. Of course, my blood sugar spiked 2 hours later.

I wanted to show Lynette a Joann's since it was were I worked. I took her to the super store and we ended up buying fabric to make no sew blankets! She got Teenage Mutant Turtle fleece and I got ninja fleece. The problem was we could find scissors at my house. So we ended up going back to Joann's, but we went to the one I worked at. I bought a package of two scissors  for $9!

So we got home and started our no sew blankets while we watched Untold Stories of the ER. About a hour and a half later, we finished our blankets! The came out fabulous!

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