Monday, November 11, 2013

Craft Day with Grandma

So my Sunday was filled with crafts and quality time with my Grandma!

Jo-Anns was having a big sale for Veterans Day, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to pick up some craft stuff!

I originally wanted to go because the patterns were on sale for a $1 (I needed one for my holiday apron for work!) and to buy some fabric. Well I decided to look at some crafts online and found a whole  bunch of cute crafts!

Now I would tell you which crafts I decided to do, but they are going to be Christmas gifts! So I can't spoil the surprise if some of my buddies happen to stumble upon this post. 

I only bought my apron pattern because I wasn't going to have time to sew this week, so I decided to hold off on the fabric. I was buying so many other things, I was going to break my bank.

Well, Grandma and I went to Jo-Anns and we both got giddy over finding our items. I also have a 20% of employee discount so I saved Grandma and I a lot of money!

Grandma showed me how to make one of the crafts and it was so much fun! It is very cheap to make and very simple as well.

I'm sad I can't post the pictures up, but I will around Christmas time!

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