Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Clinic Update

So yesterday I went to my clinic appointment to see if they could pull my PICC line out. The appointment didn't go well, but it didn't go bad either. I blew a 72%. It's really frustrating because I'm trying hard to do all my medication and exercise, but I guess I need to try harder.

Tom (my RT) gave me a new acapella (or flutter) to attach to my nebulizer while I do my treatments so hopefully it helps me cough out more mucus. 

My weight was down to 100.8 lbs. 

It's hard because my dad is now saying, I want you to go here and there before you get to sick to go. Very encouraging, thank you. I'm having a bump in the road, it doesn't mean I can't overcome it.

On a positive note, they did decide to pull the line on Thursday. 

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