Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Walk to Remember

Okay not really a walk, more of a lay down on the ground outside.

My cat, Whiskers, is pretty fat. He isn't obese, but he is on the heavier side.

I've started him on a diet. He used to eat bad dry food and all he does is sleep all day. So he has gotten fat. I switched him over to some natural, healthy wet cat food (which he loves) and decided to let him go outside so he can run around.

A little about Whiskers. I've had him since the 3rd grade and adopted him when he was a kitten. The reason a choose this cat out of the litter was that he was sleeping in the liter box and I found that amusing. My mom decided she wanted to declaw Whiskers front paws since he was scratching all the furniture. Ever since then, he has been quite the scaredy cat since he has no way to defend himself.

He used to be a very active kitty. He would run around with me in the house and get into trouble. As he got older, he got fatter. Now he is 10/11 years old and he is lazy and fat. He is really cute fate cat though.

Recently, I thought his joints were hurting because he was sleeping most of the day and he was hardly moving. I thought this might because he was so fat, so I started him on a diet.

He actually really enjoys his diet so far. He was switched to wet food, so he is pretty happy. He is excited to be going outside, but he doesn't like harness.
Whiskers is pooped from being active

His harness is a tad bit too small for him. The first time I put it on him, I put it on backwards. So it was really difficult to take off and he got really upset with me. I put it on a second time and he really fought with me. I only got it half on, so I waited for him to fall asleep before I put the rest of it on.

We went outside in the front porch and he didn't move too far from the door. He explored the tree very close to our home and the dirt. After 5 minutes, he was startled by something and wanted to go back inside.

It was a pretty successful day with the harness, so hopefully we will try it again tomorrow.

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