Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Vest: Skin Irritator

CF patients have to hook up to a machine twice a day to do a vest and nebulizer treatments. While it might look like fun and games watching someone do it, doing the Vest on high frequencies for 30 minutes actually starts to hurt. (To be honest, I can only normally get about 20-25 minutes through before I need to stop).

I took a short clip to show how high our frequencies go.


Most CF patients do something called the minnesota protocol. You start off with a high pressure and low hertz (shakiness) and every 5 minutes the pressure goes down and the hertz goes up. The first 15 minutes aren't that painful, it's the last 15 minutes that suck. 

When I first switched over to the minnesota protocol, I refused to do it for a while because it hurt my lungs and skin very bad. I've now been doing this protocol for about 2 years now (it works significantly better than having everything on the same setting for 30 minutes), and have gotten used to it. My skin still does get very itchy and red though. 


  1. Oh man, my skin totally gets irritated when I do the Vest too! I have never heard anyone say that before.

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    1. Thank you! I left a reply on the comment I left on the blogroll page! I know the vest makes me really itchy. Im usually red as a strawberry when I'm done.

    2. Awesome! I've just added you to the blogroll. :)