Friday, October 11, 2013

The After Party

This is how every procedure and surgery goes. When I come out of the anesthesia, I feel perfectly fine. I'm able to talk and walk around. The next morning? It feels likes a semi truck ran over my body 12 times.

I woke up with my lungs so sore, I could barely talk. I felt the drainage in my lungs but it hurt too much to cough even the slightest. My ibuprofen didn't help my pain and neither did my codeine. I just ended up being loopy the whole day trying not to move much. 

Luckily my fabulous boyfriend, Tyler, watched over me today. He drove me to get a breakfast burrito and snuggled with me on the couch until I drifted off to sleep. He also dealt with my loopiness from the codeine, since my brain was a couple of planets away. 

My dad took the day off from work and since Tyler was watching me, he ran a couple of errands. Well, Tyler and I were watching how candy bars were made and I had sudden craving for a Twix bar. So I called my dad to pick one up for me. Tyler jokingly said that if he was at Costco, he would of bought a giant box of Twix for me. Well my dad wasn't at Costco but he was at Target. He didn't buy me a box of Twix's, but he did buy a bag of them. This amused me greatly since Tyler knew my dad so well. 

Tyler had to leave for work but my grandma stopped by soon after he left. We went over our blogs and I taught her how the gadgets worked. Then we stopped by to get some boba at Cha For Tea. This seems to be a tradition by now since we always go there every time we see each other! The hardest decision to make is if I want the Almond Milk Tea or the Mango Green Tea. I chose the Mango Green Tea for today. (-^〇^-)

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