Sunday, October 13, 2013

Recovering Time: It's Longer than You Anticipate

My body is very fragile and sensitive to say the least. It's likes to throw temper tantrums to anything that it is not accustomed to.

I had bronchoscopy Thursday, and while I feel a lot better, my body is still recovering from the procedure and adapting to the new medication.

I know my body well enough that it will take about a week to recover from just general anthestics. My body is not accustomed to being put under, so it throws a tantrum for a week.

Since my body is still having it's fit, my body has been very fatigued and tired. I did manage to go to Ikea with Tyler before my body decided to shut down though.

Also, Whiskers and I had some bonding time before Tyler came by to pick me up.


  1. I hear you, girl! And it's usually hard for me to acknowledge the fact that I'm still a little sluggish - I had a sinus surgery two Fridays ago, and the following Monday I was POSITIVE I was good to go to my afternoon class. Then I got there, my head started pounding, and I kept falling asleep while sitting bolt upright at my desk (which was made doubly awkward by the fact that there's only about 12 of us in the class…it was super noticeable, I'm sure). Since our bodies obviously feel the need to throw a hissy fit for a few days, I guess we should just embrace the down time and try to enjoy doing nothing. :) Hope you feel better pretty soon here!!

    1. Omg sinus surgery recovery time takes forever! I get them done once to twice a year. I used to call my ENT upset how I still haven't felt better and he would laugh and say I just had the surgery done a week ago and I need to be patient. You are a brave soul, I can't even manage to walk after my procedures because I'm so out of it! I hope you feel better as well! <3