Sunday, October 13, 2013

Prednisone: Were the Benefits Outweigh the Risks

Not once have I heard, "I need to be on Prednisone." I've heard of patients wanting to on many other antibiotics, but never once this one. Because this drug messes your body up. The very normal and common side effects of this drug the day you start is
  • significant appetite increase 
  • drastic mood swigs
  • constant shakiness
  • constant hot flashes
  • blood sugar spikes and lows (this drug is known to cause diabetes) 
  • difficultly concentrating
  • extreme fatigue
  • all over body aches
  • difficulty sleeping
  • becoming nervous often
  • long term uses means you get a moon face and liver problems
It's not just one of these side effects, it's all of them. Prednisone makes your body break down. Between the constant shakiness and hot flashes, it's very difficult to even hold a conversation with someone. It's hard to go to work and school because your body aches everywhere and you feel like punching your annoying co-worker and crying an hour later about how you are getting fat because you've eaten every 2 hours for the last week. And to put the cherry on top, you haven't been sleeping well either.

If you take this drug long term, you develop a moon face. Your cheeks become overwhelming huge and this makes people feel self conscious for obvious reasons. 

This is the drug that kicked up pre-diabetic status into diabetic status. It was the reason that my doctors started giving me insulin while I was in the hospital because my blood sugar shot up to almost 300. Of course, once I stopped taking taking the medicine, my diabetic status went back down to pre-diabetic.

I have many people ask me, if it makes you feel so terrible, why take it? 

The benefits outweigh the risks and extreme discomforts. This drugs helps with a lot of things, but for me it helps clear up nasty lung infections that some antibiotics can't clear by itself. If I don't take, I'll probably become sicker. 

My doctors obviously want me to be comfortable, but sometimes you have to deal with harsh reality that some things that make you healthier are not fun to do. 

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