Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Medicine then Fun Time

This morning I woke up early at 7am to not only do my IV's but to take my little brother to school. I set an alarm to 7am but my dad woke me up at 6:50 to ask if his suit matched because he had a big meeting today.

My friend, Sarah, stopped by early in the morning. I had to pick up my medication back up at the hospital, so she joined me with my errand. Receiving the medication from the pharmacy was more difficult than it should of been, but I received all my medication. Except my glucose meter, but thats technically not a medication.

Sarah and I stopped by this diner on 4th Street in Long Beach called The Coffee Cup Cafe. Since it was a Tuesday morning, it was hardly busy. As we walked in and sat down, the power shut off. Sarah asked me what I thought it was and I responded with it's probably a blown circuit. Well it happened to be that the power was shut off the entire street. The waitress came to inform us and said that we are welcome to leave or stay because they didn't know when the power would be back on. Sarah and I didn't mind waiting, so I ordered some tea for the wait. Sarah and I talked for an hour as I sipped on my tea. The last customers waiting it out were about to leave and the restaurant seemed to be cleaning up, so we decided to leave as well. I went to pay for my tea, but the waitress said the tab was on them.

Free face painting :)
Sarah and I yelped a new breakfast place we could try. We found one in Westminster, so we headed over to Ham n' Scram. It was a popular and tiny whole in the wall. The manager was overly friendly to us, but did help us with our order. Sarah and I both got the breakfast bowel, which consisted with everything in the breakfast burrito but the tortilla. I would give it a 3.5/5. It was indeed tasty, but I wouldn't drive back to have it again.

After our late breakfast, Sarah and I headed over to Snow Monster. We arrived right as it opened, so none of the sweets were on display. Sarah got the Ice Cream Float Coffee and I got the Thai Tea. We chatted with our drinks in hand for about an hour or so.

I came home after to do my second set of treatments and IVs before I headed off to Disneyland with Tyler and our friend Dominic. We went on Star Wars, Matterhorn, Indiana Jones, Pirates, and The Haunted Mansion. In the middle of all of this, Tyler and dominic looked at pins. We also all got our face painted with a cute little design.

After Disney, Tyler and I ended the day by eating at Niko Niko for some sushi! Three rolls for $20 will always be a good deal.

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