Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hospital Fun Time: Day 2

So I was admitted into the hospital for low PFT's to receive some IV antibiotics, along with discussing some other medical issues that are happening.

 I came in yesterday late afternoon. They did their standard procedure of starting on IV, x-rays (of my lungs, ankles, and knees), and did blood labs.

They started me on IV TOBI and Zosyn. My blood sugars were a little crazy yesterday. They were low when I came in (at 60) and when I ate a simple meal, 3 hours later they were high (at 210). So they scheduled an appointment with endocrine to talk about my wacky blood sugars. I've been borderline diabetic, but I might be transferring over to being diabetic and might start needing to take insulin. They are going to give me a new pokey machine (that's what I call it) so I can monitor my blood sugars.
Yes, I wear a cup to protect my IV

I also so the gastrologist (they deal with the digestive system and nutrition). We discussed about placing a G-Tube to do night feedings since my weight has been only going down for the last 2 years. I just weigh a mere 99lbs. I have a very difficult time maintain my weight and eating the needed amount of calories, so a g-tube might solve a lot of these problems.

The doctors also discussed my arthritis issues. They took a bone density scan and I'm just waiting for someone to evaluate the scans. The started me on a new medication as well called Naproxen. It's supposed to be stronger than my 800mg ibuprofen. If the medicine doesn't work (which I doubt it to be honest), then they are going to start me on medicine that treats rheumatoid arthritis
My bio patch is saturated in blood

The most traumatizing event of today was placing my PICC line completely awake. I'm a pretty big baby when it comes to IV's. Luckily, the doctors gave me a nice dose of anti anxiety medication which pretty much knocked me out. I had a child life lady hold my hand and talk to me while they placed my PICC line in. They numbed my arm pretty good and the whole procedure took only 5 minutes. I feel kind of silly for crying, but I still hate IV's and PICC lines being placed.

I love the PICC line itself. I can do everything I want to do with it in.  I just don't like it being placed in.

And speaking of my PICC line, it's pretty bloody were the bio patch
is. The nurse said they changed the type of bio patch they use, so it doesn't absorb blood that well. So I've got blood kind of every were near the PICC line insert site. They said they would change the bio patch and tape dressing tonight though.

My dad stopped by late afternoon, but I was dead asleep from the anti anxiety medication. So he didn't want  to wake me up. However, I did wake up right when Tyler stopped by. 

He held my hand while he showed me his weird vine videos. Since the food I received for dinner was terrible, he left to pick me up some flame broiler. He had to leave so he could rest for tomorrow before his long Knott's Haunt shift :( I was sad, but I didn't want him getting sick because he wasn't getting enough rest. He said he would try to stop by tomorrow though.

So I'm just waiting for my last respiratory treatment to be done, my hand IV to be taken out (such a shame since it was a good vein for once), and to get my tape and bloody bio patch changed. I'm still pretty dizzy from those anti anxiety medications, so it must be amusing to see me wobble around like a penguin when I try to get water.

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