Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hospital Fun Time: Day 5

Today was a crocheting filled day.

I spent most of my day crocheting crazy circle granny squares for my quilt. I've decided that I am going to make the quilt 14 squares by 14 squares. I decided this because thats how many blue squares I've made with my first roll of blue yarn. Now since it's gone, I'm crocheting with baby blue yarn!

My grandma stopped by today and brought me my baby blue yarn. We crocheted together and I taught her how to do the circle granny square. The only problem was that I kept messing up my stitches. The pressure was too much for me to handle.

Left: My Square :)  Right: Grandma's Square :)

Our squares were interrupted by my RT for today. Which I didn't mind because she is fun to talk to. We talked about our pets, her lost work phone, and a lot of other things. I attempted to explain the Japanese writing and formality system without it making it sound overly scary complicated, but, of course, I made it sound very confusing. No one is going to want to take Japanese after I explain it to them.

We also discovered that my vest machine has a mind of it's own because it keeps switching the settings every time I do my treatments.

I also talked to my nurse, Cristte, a lot today. We exchanged stories about asian drivers, ER nurses, school, and most importantly, how the home fusion people have not called yet about my IV medication for tomorrow.

Cristte kept leaving messages for them, but they have yet to call us back. But my father keeps informing me that they keep calling the home phone! We don't understand why they are calling the home phone when I'm stuck in the hospital. So hopefully they call back early tomorrow morning so I can leave the hospital ;-;

I also creeped on Grandma while she was leaving ;) It  was actually more of grandma wanted to see if I could see her waving from her car. The only problem was that I could see her but she couldn't see me! 

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