Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hospital Fun Time: Day 4

 Today was enjoyably uneventful.

Which was actually nice for a change. I spent most of the day crocheting squares for my new craft....a crocheted quilt! I'm making a whole bunch of granny squares, but with circles in the middle. I plan on making the squares in different shades of blue. So right now I'm working on the first shade of blue, which is a dark dark turquoise color.

If I wasn't crocheting, I was sleeping. I didin't sleep very well (not a surprise) and I was pretty exhausted. Not to mention the Marinol makes me dizzy and drowsy.

I might stop the Marinol because it still makes me feel light headed and doesn't make me super hungry. I am hungrier but the side effects of the Marinol might not be worth being slightly more hungry.

But since I was hungry, my dad stopped and brought me some In-n-Out. You can never go wrong with an In-n-Out  burger, fries, and lemonade.

My RT today was pretty awesome. She was a black women from Louisiana. She had a lot of personality which I loved. She also liked to talk a lot, so we talked about movies, music, hair, food, and Duck Dynasty. She was telling me how she was knocking everything over because she had a big  booty.

The view outside my hospital room 
My evening RT was an interesting Romanian character. First of all, he was 6'4! Of course I had to ask if he played basketball, which he responded just a little bit. Then I asked if everyone asked him that question. He laughed and said yes. Then I apologized for asking a question that everyone asks, but he told me it was okay.

He was interesting because he didn't really like animals. He doesnt like cats except for my cute, fat cat. He only likes really really big dogs that have a lot of fur. Like a Saint Bernard. He also has a two year old daughter that is a complete tomboy. And these were some of the things I learned about my evening RT from tonight.

I got to end the evening with a nice visit from Tyler's mom and mom's boyfriend,  Lisa and Mike. They stayed for over an hour talking about random things and eating Twix bars. I got to make everyone go on edge about telling my hospital procedures.

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