Friday, October 25, 2013

Hospital Fun Time: Day 3

Today was a standard hospital day.

Well, it was a little crazy today. There was a miscommunication between the residents and doctors. Some people thought I was going home today (which I knew was not accurate) and everyone was immensely confused. Home Infusion people brought my home IV's to my room thinking I was going to leave today! I wouldn't mind leaving, but I knew I had to stay. They said I would hopefully be discharged Tuesday or Wednesday. I'm going to see if they will let me leave Monday since I blew good PFT's today. I blew a FEV1 74% which is 10% up from Tuesday :) 

I saw endocrine this morning to discuss blood sugars. All that was discussed was that I would get a new meter to monitor them. It seems like I've been getting a quite a few highs, so taking insulin might come into the picture soon. 

My nice, clean PICC line
I also saw a gastrologist for a quick couple of minutes. They were making sure I wasn't having any stomach problems. 

One of my favorite part of the days was talking to my social worker, Jill. She came in to just talk and we started talking about a lot of things. We must of talked for about 30 minutes! She is always enjoyable to be around. She says that I don't need a social worker, but I don't mind keeping her around forever. Hehe. 

The vampires came for my blood
One of my other favorite part of my days was my Respiratory Therapist (RT). I do my vest treatments 4 times a day in the hospital. So the first three are done by the same RT. Well I really liked my RT today. Not only did he have a cool ethnic background (Cambodian and Chinese!), he was also very kind. He also loved boba, so we talked about boba for probably 20 minutes and exchanged some food places to try out. We talked a lot about food and about CF stuff. I'm sad I probably won't see him again during this admission, but I'm glad I got to meet him. 

My last favorite part of my day was seeing my Grandma. She stopped by and ate some flame broiler with me and gave me a nice foot massage and head massage. She is the only person who is allowed to touch my feet. My joints have been aching lately, so the massage helped them feel better. And head massages are always a plus too :) I was still a little loopy from the Marinol (read here!), so I didn't talk as much as normal. 

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