Monday, October 28, 2013

Hospital End Time: Day 6 and Compliance


I crocheted squares most of the morning, after a long sleepless night in my uncomfortable hospital bed. I didn't get to leave until I got slightly lectured from my RT, Tom. He just came back from a CF conference and I think he wanted to spread the new information he learned. He got on my butt for not doing my vest treats 100% of the time and told me the recent statics about how full compliance of your treatments dramatically improves lung function. Same goes with full compliance with TOBI.

Tom said that they (the whole CF department country wide) are trying to figure out how to make CF patients more compliant. The reason for this is because in the future, CF will be "cured" with 3 pills that you take everyday for the rest of your life. But if patients born with CF are told to take these pills and have never experienced CF before, they will start to take only 2 of the 3 pills. This will cause the CF to occur and those patients will have to start doing vest treatments and taking enzymes.

I also received a baby lecture from Dr. Cyrus. I think it was a little uncalled for, but I know he was doing it because he cared (I hope). He somewhat lectured me that I need to make improvements coughing the mucus out of my lungs since it has cultivated to the bottom of my lungs. I do try my hardest coughing mucus up. But when they show all of there techniques, nothing comes up. I think I have to do it the old fashion way and run a lot. Running seemed to be a lot more effective than any bizarre breathing technique they showed me. But I will remember what they showed me and add those into my breathing treatments.

I had some trouble with my insurance this morning, which delayed my discharge by a couple of hours. We went around the insurance problem (long story short) by the doctors giving me a written prescription and me filling it at CVS. Well, my doctor (she is actually in her fellowship) was about to do a bronchoscopy, so I was going to wait until she was done. But then 5 minutes later, I see her run through my door panting with a prescription in her hand. She ran over right before her bronchoscopy to give me my prescription so I could go home. It was one of the sweetest things my doctors have done. I even gave her a huge hug. I can already tell she is going to be a great doctor.

Tyler picked me up and we drove home and waited for the home nurse to stop by and show me how to hook up my home IVs. I'm glad my home nurse actually knew what she was doing. She also used to work at my hospital with CF patients, so I didn't have to do any unnecessary explaining about my condition and my medication. The IV injection is significantly better than the bagged medication (the bag technique needs to be burned and discontinued) I did in June. It's really easy and the device that pumps the medication is portable which makes life so much easier.

Also, one of bosses left me a voice mail asking if I was okay and hope I was feeling better. Then asking if I was still able to work Friday and Saturday, and if I couldn't she would get those shifts covered for me. She also was worried that maybe the store got me sick since I was cutting fabric for 5 hours. I was so shocked by her kindness since my previous job gave me a hard time about taking sick leave. I also told her that I was just sick from a previous cold and I needed stronger antibiotics to treat it. I seriously love this job even if I'm only going to be seasonal (hopefully they'll hire me a normal employee!).

I ended the day off with running a few errands, which including buying knee high socks to cover my PICC line. But the fuzzy socks were also on I bought a pair of knee high fuzzy socks just to wear :)

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