Saturday, October 12, 2013

H&M Haul: California Winter Clothing

Recently H&M had a huge sale on a lot clothes. It was an excellent opportunity to pick up some items for the upcoming fall/winter.

Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons because I love to bundle up in warm jackets and scarfs.

The coldest it ever becomes in Southern California is 50º fahrenheit during the day and 30º at night. Which is freezing is California! It normally doesn't become much colder than 60º.

So my "Winter" clothes might be early fall clothes for the people who live everywhere but Southern California.

So I bought multiples of the same long sleeves but in different colors! Nothing is better than a cozy long sleeve shirt (and maybe a dress that I bought as well)

I also bought a light short sleeve shirt with cute lace embellishments on the side, along with a thin patterned knit sweater. 

I also bought two heavy knitted sweaters. They are super comfy, I wore the blue one 3 days in a row since I didn't really change much after my bronchoscopy

I also bought a light trench coat to keep warm on the chillier days, but not so warm that I'm burning up in class. I also bought a nicer winter dress that I could keep warm in. 

I also bought a pair of booties. I thought the heel length was going to be much shorter, so who knows how often theses guys are going to be worn. Probably only occasionally. 

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