Friday, October 18, 2013

First Day of Work

So yesterday was my first day of work! I made sure I went to bed early to get enough sleep, but I kept waking up every couple of hours because I was nervous.

I picked up a sourdough bagel with salmon cream cheese before work to make sure my blood sugar was stable for work. Well, the bagel really didn't help me out. An hour into work, everything went white and started spinning so I had to sit on the ground so I didn't collapse. I'm not quite sure if it was from my blood sugar or my body being weak. But my manager was really nice and told me to rest in the break room until I felt better. I thought this through and brought nuts with me just in case my body started to act up.

The girl I was training with, Alexa, was really nice. She had bright blue hair which was pretty awesome. She was really sweet and knew a lot about sewing. So when we were walking around the store to know where things were, she explained to me what all the sewing stuff was (which is 70% of the store). She also showed me some pictures on her phone of the clothes/costumes she commissioned.

We were mostly trained on go backs and some cashiering. Everyone in the store seemed really friendly, so hopefully it will be a fun atmosphere! It was difficult answering a lot of the customers questions because I wasn't quite sure where it was either located or what the item they were looking for was.

I ended the day off by going to the Citadel Mall with Sarah. She had to return a pair of boots, but didn't want to drive there by herself. Afterwards we went to a vegetarian restaurant with her sister called the Vegi Wokery. Sarah really loved this place, and it was pretty good. We got the Peking Duck, Curry, and Chicken. The meat and duck wasn't actual meat, it was vegi chicken and one was a type of plant. All and all, it was pretty good! They also had amazing thai soy milk ice tea and vegan cupcakes.

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