Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bronchoscopy: The Crazy CF Team

If you never had a procedure or surgery done, I think you might be surprised to know that surgical staff plays music during your procedure. Yes, music. I've heard classical music playing to pop and rap

To go back in time a little bit, I had my bronchoscopy done today. A bronchoscopy consist for me putting a camera down my throat and looking around my lungs. They take salt water and spray around my lungs to clear out the mucus in my lungs and then is suctioned back. They also take samples of the mucus in my lungs to figure out what infections I have growing.

Anyways, admissions was a pain as usual. No one knows what they are talking about 90% of the time.

I got to see my favorite resident, Dr. Jen Jen Chen. She is this super bubbly Asian nurse that does a lot of exercise studies. She popped by while Dr. Cyrus (who was doing my bronch) was talking to me. I literally jumped out of my seat when I saw her. I asked if she could hold me hand while I got my IV since I hate IVs. She talked to me about her hike up a huge mountain while my excellent nurse put my IV in without hurting and without poking me twice.

While they rolled me into the operating room, the first thing I heard was pop music playing and I started to laugh. I'm used to hearing classical music because Dr. Camilon (my ENT) plays soft music when he does my surgeries.

The team was joking around and made the atmosphere a lot more relaxed. My anesthesiologist was especially kind. To say that anesthesiologist normally don't care isn't the correct wording, but they aren't as loving as your nurses would be. Well this anesthesiologist was very nice. The medicine to make you fall asleep burns while it enters your body. And she gently rubbed my hand and apologized and said I would soon be asleep and it wouldn't hurt anymore.

It's very comforting when people do that because being put to sleep can be scary. I've grown used to be putting under and actually enjoy the sensation of slowing drifting off.

I woke up coughing, as expected. It took me about 20 minutes to start thinking correctly again. All I remember is saying I wanted Ibuprofen and I couldn't comprehend swallowing so they give me a liquid form and squirted in my mouth.

My dad came in and we started getting ready for discharge. We actually ran into a nurse who's daughter used to be on my soccer team over 10 years ago! We talked to her for awhile until I was ready to go home.

Overall my bronc results came expected? I was pretty congested in my upper airways. Lots of mucus that was stuck. They told me I need to cough more stuff out (which is already difficult for me). They added 5 days worth Prodnisone to take with my Levaquin.

I hate the prodnisone/levaquin combo. It makes me feel like I'm dying. Also prodnisone makes me really hungry and really moody. I already apologized to Tyler in advanced for my future moodiness.

I have before and after pictures of my bronch. It's a little graphic, but if you like medical stuff you should look at it! The 2 rows on the left is the before and the last row on the right is after. (click the read more if you want to see! )


  1. What a big difference in before/after images!

    1. Thanks! I feel so much better!

    2. I've only ever had one bronch done and I they didn't suction anything, just loooked around. They had a hard time getting the bronch out. Apparently I have air pockets called blebs in there and small windpipe, so I can't cough stuff out, I always have to swallow.. I think it would have been awesome to have suff tsuctioned out. Could you feel a difference afterwards? Also, about being skinny. I have that problem too. I had to have a tube put in when I was 13, but I def respect your choice. It was MY choice, not my parents. But truth was I was 13 and weighed 40 lbs at my best weight and was around 4'7. By freshmen year I looked more normal around 90 lbs and 5'0 tall. However, even though, yes, you are skinny, you don't look sickly. You just look thin. I know you know all this, but just take in lots of calories and lift weights, keep it up as much as possible, don't let Docs force you to get a tube if you aren't comfortable with it or you may regret it. Sorry, I wrote so much, I just can really relate. I write a lot about weight issues in my blog -also, I was going to become a follower on your blogger -over on the side colum, but I couldn't. Is the link down or am I doing something wrong? thanks and good luck!

    3. I feel A LOT better after my bronchs. It's very difficult for me to cough stuff up because my lungs are so sensitive and brittle that they collapse on each other when I cough, which causes mucus plugs. On the flip side though, you are pretty sore in the lungs the next couple of days.

      Thank you :) I try to consume the calorie quota...but sometimes I don't think I hit a normal calorie quota for someone healthy. I just have a lot of tummy issues. I used to weigh more when I ran and played soccer from all the muscle weight, but when I stopped, I Iost 15 pounds. I also follow you on your blog as well! And don't worry about the long comment! I love reading things :)

      I'll check the link on my side bar and see if I can fix it as well :)

    4. Oh and about following me, what I do to follow blogs via Blogger is to go to the Blogger home on right below Reading List there is an add button. Then you can enter my URL and click add them you are following me :)