Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Achey Limbs

So I did managed to roll out of bed this morning. It took me about 15 minutes to decided if I wanted to wear comfy harlem pants or jeans. It was also supposed to me in the mid 80's today, but I didn't want to wear summer clothing because I wanted to wear comfy fall clothing.

Traffic was horrendous on the way to school, but I did get to enjoy listening to Ryan Seacrest and Carson on the radio.  

I fumbled along to my class and talked to my classmate who sits in the lecture row in front of me. We learned about graphing functions, turning points, and other things that make my head ache.

My legs and joints were starting to really ache by the time class ended. I was hoping some food would help ease the pain. I drove to a Chic-Fil-A and got a chicken nugget meal and scarfed that down and drove back to the school for my piano class. My joints were aching even worse, so I decided to pay for metered parking so I would only have to walk a short distance to class (versus walking almost a mile). I think someone was looking out for me because the meter I pulled into already had 90 minutes on it. I put  in an extra hour in so the next person that parked at that meter would have some "free" time also.

Piano was painful to say the least. I was on the verge of tears because my legs hurt so bad. I wanted to excuse myself from class, but I didn't want to interrupt the class session. I ended up just skipping my last two classes and going home. I cried on my bed when I got home because everything was so swollen and tender.

I was also crying because I was immensely frustrated with my body. I keep having to accept that my body doesn't work like everyone else. I'm taking 10 units (4 classes) and my body was being overworked. I want to be like all the other college students who take 12 units and have a part time job. I  always wanted to take all of these classes because they all fascinate me, but now it's hard to even finish the required ones in a decently timed manner.

Luckily, I have family, friends, and a boyfriend that supports my decisions. So even when I feel like I'm not accomplishing very much, I have people to tell that I am.

And my boyfriend picked me up a sweet tea because my old lady body doesn't want to walk at the moment  

For now, I'm resting up my legs for my first day of work of tomorrow. I will not let this Levaquin side effect win! I'm super excited to be working in a store full of crafts.

And the OOTD is :

And a very fat cat :3

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