Friday, October 4, 2013

A Good Deed: Western Blue Bird

So while I was staggering to my friday morning math class, I saw some students standing over a small bird. My first thought was that I should go to class, but I decided I would help since I had extra time.

Well this little bird kept managing to fly away, but she would slam into walls and plop back to the ground. No one wanted to touch her at first, but we got over that quickly and tried to hold her down until we could find a box to put her in. You would be surprised how difficult it was to find a box.

While students were trying to find a box, I called a local vet to see if they would accept the bird. They directed me to wildlife, which directed me to a bird care home. After talking to Karen, who helped rehabilitate birds, she said to bring the bird over to her home.

Luckily she was very close by from the school. Two other students and I drove over to Karen's home to drop off our bird. It was really cool to see a house that was more of a rehabilitation center than a home. She took our bird and said she probably had suffered a concussion and has a swollen eye, but should be able to recover completely.

As we drove back to school, we decided to name the bird Aqua. We wanted to keep in contact with Karen so that we would know if Aqua would recover completely :)

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