Monday, September 23, 2013

Tumblr: CF Confessions

Some genius Tumblr user made a page (CF Confessions) were CFers can confess about anything that involves their CF. It can be positive or negative, encouraging or depressing, full of love or full of hate.

You have the option to remain anonymous or you can send in your confession with your account name.

It always interesting to read how people really feel about their CF. They don't have to reveal themselves, but instead hide behind a mysterious grey man.

I'm going to leave the subject for a minute and talk about the division among the CF Tumblr community. There are the healthy people and the sick people. There are the people who do their medications are much as possible and there are others who never do them. Even though we like to be a community, people still judge others.

There are people who's CF is in a more serious stage and they will rag on the "healthier" CFers for complaining about their medical problems. There are the people who take their medical regimen very seriously and they will become enraged when they see CFers (and non CFers) smoking or doing drugs. There has been arguments because of peoples strong opinions of whats right and wrong. It's hard to vent your true feelings when you feel that you might be judged. I know I've been in situations with a couple of my Tumblr posts were I wasn't sure if I was going to receive a lot of agreement or a lot of hate for my opinion.

My honest opinion about Tumblr, it's a place to vent. It's not very common were you see people posting about flowers and sunshine. Especially in the Tumblr CF community, CFers come to vent to people who understand what they go through.

Coming back to the CF Confessions page, CF Confessions is a great way for most CFers to express their feelings without worrying what people will think of them. The flip side of this is, since no one knows who wrote the post, some people are more aggressive on how they respond to these post.

People will also respond to these confessions with either another confession or a post relating to the confession. A recent example of this below:

"I just don’t see how people can take their meds everyday. Like I sure don’t and I don’t think I ever can. It jut gets too much."

Some responded to this with another confession

"To the person who questioned how some CFers never miss a dose, I never miss my meds/treatments and haven’t for years because I don’t really have another option. No wait, that’s not exactly true: my other option is getting on waitlist for a transplant. My doctors have told me that I’m dangerously close to this stage, but I’m still trying to avoid it for as long as possible. Sometimes you just get to a place in your life where there’s not a lot of room to muck about."

Some express positive achievements

"I’m very proud to state that I beat my life expectancy. Thanks to my transplant 18 months ago, I’m top in my A Levels. I’ve never been top in anything. I’m getting into Uni. I saw my brother turn 16, and I reached 18 a year ago. I saw my boyfriend get into Uni. I photographed his parent wedding. I can run. I can dance. I did it. I’ll never get over that. I’d go through all the agony again to feel like Words will never fully describe."

And others give advice

“CF Diabetics - if you’re not on the MDI (Multiple Daily Injections) regime for your insulin and your blood sugars are out of control or just not responding well, I suggest you try it. Ive had CFRD for 4 years now and just started MDI in June, and it actually makes me feel 300% better, more energy, more freedom in when and what I get to eat.. It’s the best thing I ever did in regards to my diabetes and it helps a lot (especially for teenagers, as we’re hungry ALL THE TIME).”

All in all, I think this was a great idea. I think it's such a great way to get some feelings off your chest, learn about new medical treatments, and to see the silver lining in the gloomy clouds. 

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