Monday, September 30, 2013

This post is on the late side (this was from Saturday).

I had my interview at Joann's! I had a little scare because my appointment was at 10:30 but when I got there she said it was at 10. But she doubled checked and came out saying, "just joking! You're right! It was at 10:30!" So after that the 10 minute interview went well. 5 people were going to get the seasonal position, and some of them at the end of the season will be offered a "normal" position.

So after my interview, Tyler and I went to Sango's!

Tyler got the Giant Bento. Which consisted of tuna sashimi, chicken, more chicken, rice and a mini sushi roll.

I got the curry :3 For the third time, but now I'm good on the curry. I took a bite of it before I realized I needed a picture ^^"

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