Monday, September 30, 2013

Life > Sickness

So exciting news today!! I got the job at Joann's :D I get to work in a store full of crafting items ;-; and there are no credit cards to sell. I'm sure I'm going to enjoy work a lot more than working at my previous employment.

It was even better because I don't start working until after my bronchoscopy. So I really think this job was meant to be.

I still wasn't feeling well yesterday or last night, so instead of killing my body, I decided not to go to my first 2 classes. I'm just going to my Linguistics class because we have a huge "quiz" today (more of a test if you ask me. It's worth 20% of my grade).

But to make my day even better, I received the rest of my 3 mulan pins today :3

(the picture is kind of bad, but it was difficult to take a picture of so many things that reflect)

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