Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Life: Job Interview!

So today started off slightly strenuous. I woke up around 5am to do a quick review before my math test. I honestly thought I would finish my test early, but I ended up taking every single minute for that test! I start getting anxiety when I do the math problem twice and it's still wrong, which makes me nervous for all the other questions. All and all, I finished the test with hopefully an A!

After I finished my classes I went home to get ready to help coach a soccer team. As I was searching for warm athletic clothes, I heard my phone ring. My house is a dead zone, so I normally let my phone go to voicemail rather than attempt to have a conversation. I thought it was going to be Laura to schedule my bronch, but instead I got a surprise! I interview at Joan's! My initial reaction was they want to interview meeeee? I feel so special! My second reaction was should I work and go to school though? Will it be too much? And my third reaction was I accept this challenge. 

After this exciting news, I went to help coach a u-16 soccer team. A lot of these girls are lazy butts, but there are a couple of hard workers. It's cute how they say they hate to run. I think they are playing in the wrong sport then. But I had fun giving instructions and teaching two of the girls how to head the ball correctly. The coach also bought me curry for helping out tonight :) So I was very happy about my yummy food.

On a complete side note, Ensure Plus drinks are disgusting. I cringe every time I drink one.

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