Monday, September 23, 2013

It's 2pm and I am tired

I originally thought going to school on only Mondays and Wednesday (except for math which is MWF) would be a really brilliant idea. I get all my classes done in one day then have Tuesday and Thursday off! While having Tuesday and Thursday off if really nice, my body starts becoming exhausted after my second class.

It might not be so bad if my classes were back to back, but they have hour gaps in between each class. Which means I'm at school 9:30am-5:30pm. I leave at 8am to communicate to school and don't come back home until 6:30pm. I started coming home in between my large break because my body is too tired to sit around school for 4 hours doing nothing (I think this is an accurate statement for really anyone).

So I'm home and just finished up my linguistic homework, which is due in about... 90 minutes. I finished it while I drank a red bull so I don't fall asleep in my class. Why do I procrastinate on my linguistics homework? It's what I want to major in, you would think I would also want to do it. Probably because 80% of my focus is for my math course which takes huge chunks of time to study for. By the time I get to any other subject I'm dead tired. It's also probably because I'm lazy. I rather do hours of busy work than sit down and study flash cards. 

And speaking of sitting down and studying, I need to really study for my piano class. For a baby one unit class, it sure does takes a lot of time! It was pretty easy-ish going (I've never played a musical instrument before, so learning everything took longer for me) then today it was BAM, hard stuff. It's not even that hard, but I'm not used to playing 3 keys with my right hand and playing other keys with my right. My fingers just don't know what to do! Hopefully with practice, all of those songs become easier. 

Off to drive back to school to go to linguistics! 

And free advertisement for Red Bull! 

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