Tuesday, September 24, 2013

CF Clinic: Sick Visit

Who want's to go to the doctors actually looking sick?

I went to my clinic today for a sick visit. My whole family has been sick, so naturally I became sick as well. I developed a nasty cough, tightness in the chest, chest pain, and a sinus infection.

One of my prime concerns would be that my pft's would drop into the 60's, meaning they would want to start IV antibiotics. Luckily, I hit the 70 mark. So instead we decided to have a bronchoscopy done along with a dose of oral antibiotics. Now the difficult  part is trying to figure out what day to go and the driving arrangements. And the fact that I am missing school for this (;¬ะด¬) (Bye bye extra credit for math)

Also, my lovely social worker, Jill, is trying to make my Creon co-pay lower. She seriously performs miracles with the stuff she manages to accomplish for her patients.

And the day ends with some yummy curry and rice from Sango's :)


  1. Your blog is awesome Ashley!
    Sorry you got sick but you look cute as a button.